T.E.D.D.Y. Hero project

T.E.D.D.Y. Hero - Training Education Discipline to Develop Yourself

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The general aim of the “T.E.D.D.Y. Hero – Training Education Discipline to Develop Yourself” project is to allow members of partner organisations from Italy, Spain, Poland and Croatia to acquire and transfer new tools, to exchange experiences, to improve competencies and find innovative methods to promote education in and through sport, with special focus on skills development.

The project establishes and strengthens strategic partnerships in sport by linking sports clubs and associations operating in different sectors and sports to each other in order to promote the values of sport as a unifying element and training element of the person as an athlete-sportsperson and as an active citizen in civil society.

“T.E.D.D.Y. Hero – Training Education Discipline to Develop Yourself” wants to support training and education in the fields of sport and society by developing an innovative way of acquiring competencies and skills through non-formal education, team building activities and self-directed learning, without neglecting the promotion of the founding values of sport and their importance for society. On its specific objectives level, the project wants to promote:

  • healthy and positive lifestyles through the activation of local labs in all participating countries,
  • the ability of young sportsmen, women and amateurs to self-assess their degree of involvement in motor and sports activities,
  • the exchange of good practices between instructors, coaches, teachers and staff for the enhancement of the skills acquired in sport by young sportsmen, women and amateurs, useful in civil society.
  • physical and psychic well-being of individuals and the direct connection of sport with the values of active citizenship, sociability, human development.

The consortium created will operate through:

  • four transnational meetings (1 in each country): kick-off meeting, training/testing meeting, mid-term evaluation meeting, final evaluation meeting + conference
  • local labs (in each country);
  • remote cooperation

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